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Still the one.

Alison woke at a reasonable hour and was only mildly ill. The morning sickness so far with her second pregnancy had been easier to handle than the first. She was especially glad for it on days like today. It was Valentine's Day and she needed to do something special for her handsome hubby.

Following tradition, Longshot had been up early and gone into the camp for his yearly chocolate haul. Despite being a happily married father of three (four soon), he still made out better than most single men in the country. They would be eating chocolate for weeks after the holiday.

While he was out, Alison bathed and dressed the twins in little Valentine outfits she'd bought for them. They got their breakfast and a little stuffed monkey each. Both were white with little red hearts on their palms and the bottoms of their feet. By the time Daddy returned home, there were two babies with slightly soggy stuffed animals and a picnic lunch for four waiting for him.

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Longshot gave his wife exactly what she wanted. He hugged her tightly and dipped her for a kiss. Then he set her back on her feet. He grinned and winked.

"Picnic? Where we going?" He bounced a bit. Only a little. He felt tiny hands holding onto his pant leg.

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Aiden and Hana giggled at Daddy's bouncing. They both smiled up at Mommy and Daddy expectantly. They weren't sure what was going to happen, but something interesting was going on!

"I'm thinking a nice park. I got a good recommendation from Rogue. It's fenced in, so the kids can roam. Has picnic tables, swings, a merry-go-round, slides... all kinds of stuff." She grinned. "Whatcha think?"

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He got that squinty-eyed thoughtful look. The one he knew his wife thought was cute. Then he nodded slowly.

"Sounds good! I'll get the gigglers." He glanced down at the twins. "And their soggy animals."

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Eee! So cute. Alison leaned in and kissed him on the nose. She so adored her hubby.

"Alright. I'll get the picnic basket out of the kitchen." She smiled at him and turned to go get the lunch. When she returned with the basket full of goodies, she also scooped up the diaper bag. "Reeeeeady?"

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Longshot bent down and caught his little gigglers and gathered them in. Then he stood up with one in each arm. They were handfuls, but he could manage it. He bounced them both a bit.

"Yes'm! We're ready and giggly!"

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Wiggle babies! Hana and Aiden squirmed and laughed, cheering at their Daddy. They were always so happy to see him when he came home!

Alison smiled and stepped past them with a set of car keys in her hand. The jeep she borrowed from John was parked outside waiting for them with two baby seats in the back.

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Longshot deftly carried his wee wigglers out to the Jeep. He kissed both of them on top of their heads before trying to settle them into their car seats. Alison might have to take care of Aiden, but Longshot was getting his baby girl settled in!

Once both babies were buckled in and momentarily covered with blankies due to cold Japanese mountain air, Longshot hopped into the front passenger's seat.

"Let's roll!" He pointed forward. His pose was dramatic and motivational as he could make it with a seat belt on.

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"Aye, aye Captain!" Alison laughed as she slid into the driver's seat. She started the engine and the Jeep headed off down the drive. The Nexus portal at the gate was their first destination. From there, Alison could get them to their park.

"How was camp today? Do you need a back rub after hauling all that chocolate home?" She grinned.

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"Camp was large. I think everybody came in to give Robbie and me chocolate. You'd think their husbands would get jealous. And I could always use your hands all over my back." He nodded. His wife hardly ever just stuck to massaging. She liked to play with the long errogenous zone he had running from the base of his neck to the small of his back.

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"You can count yourself scheduled for a back rub when we get home from our picnic, then." Alison smiled at him. She had grandma and Aunt Lisa ready for babysitting duty. The first part of the day would be family together time.

The second part of the day would be Mommy and Daddy with a lot less clothes time. No tiny eyes allowed.

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"Yippee!" Longshot pumped a fist in the air. "Slippery oil?"

He was curious. Last time it was used, he slipped right off his wife. He would have to use more grabby techniques if there was oil present.

The Mojoworlder had no idea what his wife had in mind for them, and it suited him just fine. He would take whatever surprises came his way.

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"Whatever you want, sweetheart. It's your day." She nodded. He could ask for just about anything and get it today. Alison always tried to make Valentine's Day and his birthday special.

In the back seat, a tiny chorus of yippee's answered Daddy's.

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"Just need you," he said honestly. "And cannoli," he added after a pause. Life was great if he had his family and his favorite snack.

Longshot looked over his shoulder and winked at his tiny echoes.

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"We have cannoli for dessert with our lunch. I would never forget the cannoli." That would make her husband sad! There would be no sad on Valentine's Day!

Hana and Aiden giggle at Daddy's wink. Hana waved her stuffed monkey at him.

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"Good," he agreed happily. His wife would never forget anything about him. Of that, the Mojoworlder was certain. It would also keep him from tasting her in front of the kids. Well, in front of the ones outside of her body.

He shifted to put one hand on her belly as she drove. He waved a finger at Hana and her monkey while he did that. Longshot was multi-talented like that.

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A wide smile spread across Alison's face when she felt his hand on her belly. She loved Longshot's attention to their little ones. Especially the little, still developing one. It made her feel well supported.

Hana giggled at Daddy and mimicked the gesture with a slightly crooked finger.

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Longshot would support his wife anyway he could. He tended to do it without thinking. Even in instances where she's out of clean bras and would need support, he would be there to help her. He still pulled himself out of bed to hold her hair back while she went through morning sickness. This morning had been an exception. More due to his obligation to be there to get huge amounts of chocolate.

He grinned at his daughter's mimicking and started waving at her with two fingers. Just to see if she would try to do it back.

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Hana made an oooh sound and watched Daddy's waving fingers for a minute. Then she carefully extended another finger and tried to wave them the same way. She ended up just curling and uncurling them a little. But, she tried!

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Longshot grinned. That was good enough. He gave Hana a thumbs up. "Doin' good, baby girl."

He glanced at Aiden. One, to see if his little boy was doing the same thing. Two, to make sure the soggy monkey hadn't gone for a flight out of the Jeep.

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Hana giggled triumphantly and waved her monkey happily. Victory!

Aiden was, indeed, mimicking the finger waves. His little face scrunched up in concentration as he tried to make his fingers move like Daddy's. The monkey had fallen to the floor, momentarily forgotten.

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Longshot waved to his son just in case seeing it again helped him. Then he shifted to pick the monkey off the floor. It took some doing, with his seat belt on and his hand still on Ali's tummy, but he managed to get the monkey settled in next to Aiden.

He settled back and glanced at Alison. "Are we there yet?"

He was grinning and ready to duck if need be.

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"Almost." Alison smiled indulgently. He was so cute when he was impatient. Either that or it was the hormones talking. Whichever!

They cruised through a handful of Nexus portals until they reached their destination. Warm and sunny, the park was in the southern part of Georgia. Alison pulled into a parking space and immediately wiggled out of her jacket.

"Taa daa!"

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"Hurray!" Longshot tossed his hands in the air and waved them around like he just didn't care. Once his hip-hop moment was done, he unbuckled himself and jumped out of the Jeep. He peeled off the layers down to his t-shirt before going to unwrap and unbuckle babies.

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Alison climbed out of the jeep and left Daddy to unbuckle babies while she gathered up the picnic basket, the diaper bag, and a nice, big blanket. There were picnic tables, but if it was nice enough, she'd rather sit on the ground.

She stopped beside him and watched him juggle the little ones. "You okay there, Daddy?"

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There were tickles, shiftings, liftings, and general get the twins out of the Jeep motions. Once her had both of them securely, he turned to face his loaded-down wife.

"Perfectly fine. Got my babies. Got my wife. Got a baby in my wife. Got food coming. I'm ready!"

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