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Alison woke at a reasonable hour and was only mildly ill. The morning sickness so far with her second pregnancy had been easier to handle than the first. She was especially glad for it on days like today. It was Valentine's Day and she needed to do something special for her handsome hubby.

Following tradition, Longshot had been up early and gone into the camp for his yearly chocolate haul. Despite being a happily married father of three (four soon), he still made out better than most single men in the country. They would be eating chocolate for weeks after the holiday.

While he was out, Alison bathed and dressed the twins in little Valentine outfits she'd bought for them. They got their breakfast and a little stuffed monkey each. Both were white with little red hearts on their palms and the bottoms of their feet. By the time Daddy returned home, there were two babies with slightly soggy stuffed animals and a picnic lunch for four waiting for him.
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The preparations had begun days before. Alison had sent letter after letter and made dozens of phone calls. Half of the calls had gone to her stubborn step-son. Shatterstar was hard to corral. The other half had gone out to other family and friends. Anyone Alison could think to invite, she had contacted. Her invitations were only part of the deal. She had enlisted her mother-in-law to invite the women from the clan. Whoever Longshot was close to. And given her husband's ability to make friends wherever he went, that list would be long.

After the guests were settled, she focused on food. The cake had been a big deal to her... it had to feed dozens of people, and it had to be appealing to her husband. It had taken ages to find a baker who could produce what she wanted. In the end, it had been worth it and she couldn't wait to show it off. For lunch, she had enlisted the help of Longshot's two favorite cooks: Momoko and Maria. The day of the party, the kitchen and dining room were piled high with the best food Italy and Japan had to offer.

The living room was the designated present area. A table had been set up along a mostly unused wall and had begun filling up with brightly wrapped packages of all sizes early that morning. Lisa and Gloria Jean had been assigned inside decoration duty and had roped Rogue into helping. She could fly and get to the high places, they reasoned. Dakota and the boys had pulled outside duty. There were balloons and streamers all over the place. The more the better, as far as Alison was concerned.

John had been stuck with the hardest job of the morning. He had been assigned the task of getting up dreadfully early and taking Longshot out of the castle long enough for them to prepare the party. Since he had been spending so much time at work catching up after his vacation, he used the excuse that he wanted to spend time with his son on his birthday before he had to go to work. And the best early rising activity he could think of was fishing. At a lake. Far away from the castle. He might be tired by the time they returned, but he knew Longshot would perk right back up when he saw the party dedicated to him.

It was early in the day, still, when the party was all set up and they just had to wait for the guest of honor. Alison had showered and changed. The babies were fed, clean, and dressed in new little outfits their Mommy had picked out especially for the occasion. They had picked up on the excitement around them and were giggling and babbling happily to anyone who would listen. Lisa and Glora Jean each had a baby in their lap and were laughing and making faces right back.

Alison shifted impatiently in her seat and tried to will her husband to appear.
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After a night of ups and downs -- if she were entirely truthful, it was a lot more downs than ups -- Alison made good on her promise to her mother-in-law. She started out early. The babies were fed and kissed, and her husband snuggled thoroughly. It had almost given her time to talk herself out of leaving, but in the end, the jonin had gently nudged her out the door.

The trip required several portal hops through the Nexus. Instead of an Italian spa, Natasha had chosen an American spa in New York for Alison's gift. It was a good choice. Alison would have had a difficult time relaxing in Italy without speaking the language. And it was nice to see the States again. She hadn't realized that she missed the familiar sights and sounds.

The spa people had their work cut out for them, though. Alison was about as tightly wound as she had ever been. Getting her relaxed and happy was a task that usually only Longshot managed. And he did it with techniques that the people at the spa were not allowed to use.

Despite her reluctance and hesitance, she found herself relaxing as she received the full spa treatment. First, she enjoyed a full body massage. Even ger toes got some attention. That had been the part she didn't think she'd like, but once it started she melted right into the table. Longshot's were better, but it was also nice to get a rub down without any sexual expectations at the end. In fact, the only expectation at the end of the massage was a long soak in an herb infused hot tub.

Over the next few hours, Alison was pampered within an inch of her life. Her hair was trimmed and highlighted. She got a manicure and a pedicure; a facial and a make-over. Even an acupuncture treatment. She wasn't afraid of the needles anymore. Once every conceivable treatment had been lavished on her, she finally emerged into the afternoon sun. It was on the edge of her mind to head for home, but the day was only half over and she had been told to take it for herself, so... shopping!

It was nice to wander the mall and spend some time just looking. Window shopping was a lost art. Eventually, she found some new clothes that she had to have. And some toys for the babies. Well, she couldn't completely forget them all day, after all. Not even if she tried. Nor could she stop thinking about her husband. She wondered if he was thinking about her? He said he would miss her today. She'd have to find him something, too. Hmmm.

Ah, wait. She had the perfect idea. And she knew right where to find it.

The walk home took a bit longer than the trip to the spa. Mostly because she was enjoying the early evening air and the slow sunset. She was never without light, so the night didn't worry her. But, she wanted to get home before too late. No need to worry anyone.

She hummed softly to herself as she mounted the steps to the front door and opened it. As she toed off her sandals in the entryway, she called out, "I'm home!"
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The only thing better than Christmas at home with her husband and family was Christmas at home with her husband, family, and friends. Alison had been eagerly awaiting the return of Rogue and Dakota's bunch to the castle for the holidays. She had already picked out a Christmas tree, which Longshot and John hauled home for her. It had lights on -- mostly Miyuki and Lisa's doing with Alison's supervision -- but, no ornaments yet. She figured that Gloria Jean and the boys could help with that when they arrived.

And they were coming early! That made it even better.

Despite her decreased mobility, Alison had been up early on the day they were scheduled to arrive. The castle was generally kept pretty clean, but she straightened anyway. And then... the baking! She hadn't felt such a strong urge to bake since the early months of her pregnancy. But, now, it was back in full force. By the time she finally tired of it, she had sugar cookies, gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, snowball cupcakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels.

She sat down in the kitchen to rest her feet and nibble on some gingerbread. Her little tea pot sat on the stove, happily brewing some peppermint tea. It might not be Christmas yet, but it sure smelled like Christmas.
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Getting Longshot moving to go to the last doctor's visit had been a challenge. This time was like pulling teeth. Without pliers. Alison did everything she could to reassure him and not get aggravated with the delays. She was well aware of why he was dragging his feet. He was terrified. And, with good reason. Anyone who had ever messed with his brain had done him damage. This trip was supposed to fix that damage. She believed it could. The trick was convincing him.

Fortunately, she'd started getting ready for the visit two hours early. She'd allowed for things like feet dragging, breakfast, and nervous breakdowns. The last one hadn't happened yet, for either of them. But, she was waiting for it.

Eventually, they got moving. Alison held his hand the entire way to the doctor's office and then in the waiting room. And she intended to hold it the entire time he was under the anesthetic. If he decided to go through with it. She reminded him for perhaps the thousandth time in a month that he didn't have to do this. And he didn't have to do it for anyone but himself. She wasn't going to push him or demand. She loved him how he was and never thought of him as broken or damaged.

Somehow, she suspected that the words didn't really help him. But, it was all she knew to give him. She was equal parts relieved and nervous to see Dr. Beverly appear in the doorway. She so wanted this visit over.

"Good morning, Doctor."
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Alison didn't like it when her husband wasn't home. There were a variety of reasons for it, but the main reason was because he wasn't with her when he was gone. She had spent most of the day in a funk, waiting for Longshot and Asuka to return home from a clan mission. She couldn't complain too much when he was sent away. The jonin knew Alison was pregnant and somewhat clingy where her husband was concerned. So, if he had been called away, it was probably very important.

She still missed him, though.

So, she spent most of the day in her music room. Her single had done remarkably well since its release and now she was looking to find more good material to record. She had almost an album's worth already.

She was taking a break from working, having a sandwich for lunch in the kitchen, when she saw the glowy orange light from John's arrival. She hoped Lisa was with him. The girl had not been in her room this morning and that had worried Alison, too.

"Hi, guys!" She called. "Come have some lunch with me."
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Aside from their initial visit, the rest of the visits Alison and Longshot had made to see Dr. Crusher had been exciting and pleasant. Tiny heartbeats and surprise twins. Things had always gone well and been fairly painless.

This one promised to be somewhat less appealing. Not baby-wise, of course. The twins were still growing healthy and strong. Alison had felt no pain or discomfort so far -- aside from a little morning sickness. The tea the jonin had given her was helping. She was anxious to see another ultrasound to see how big they'd grown.

But, this would also be the day that Longshot allowed the doctor to give him deeper brain scans to test the depth of the damage Mojo's constant mind wiping had caused. Her husband had been anxious about it for the last two days leading up to the visit. Alison had done her best to keep him occupied and not thinking about it. Her new habit of narrating everything she was doing for the benefit of the tiny lives growing inside her had been a constant source of amusement for the household. If the books said they could hear sounds, then she would give them sounds, darnit.

She had to sleep, though. And she kept waking to a husband with haunted eyes. If there was something she could do to ease his pain and fear, she would gladly do it. But, all she could offer was support.

They'd arrived to the visit with a portable DVD player borrowed from Lisa and a stack of new films neither of them had seen. Alison also brought some children's books to read to him so that they could pick out favorites to read to the babies. It was all she could think of to do for him.
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Once again, Alison found herself in the Nexus office of Dr. Beverly Crusher. She was laying on the exam table and trying very hard to hold still as she waited for the doctor to get her equipment set up. Today was they day they would hear their babies heartbeats for the very first time. The excitement was so overwhelming that she was nearly vibrating with it as she waited. It seemed like forever! In actuality, it was probably only about ten minutes. But, it was a very long ten minutes.

They might also get to discover what sex the babies were. Alison had spent a great deal of time with Dakota's daughter, Gloria Jean. And, with John's daughter, Lisa. Miyuki was a constant presence in their lives now, also. And she never regretted any time spent with those girls. Part of her was wishing for a couple of adorable little girls to dress up and spoil.

Part of her was also wishing for little boys to shower with all the affection her first son should have had. Two, beautiful sons to chase their daddy around the castle and learn ninja tricks that would give her premature gray hairs.

She turned to smile at the Daddy in question and squeeze his hand as he stood beside her. Whichever gender they ended up with would be perfect. And, whichever they didn't get would be what they tried for next. She had already pretty much made up her mind that one more baby, at least, was in the cards for them.

Somehow, she didn't think Longshot would require much convincing.
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Two weeks later, as arranged, Alison and Longshot were back in Dr. Crusher's office in the Nexus. Alison was anxious to hear what the doctor's scans and tests had concluded. She was hoping with the technology Dr. Crusher had that the doctor would be able to tell them definitively whether or not her previous miscarriage had just been a tragic combination of stress and environment as she had always thought. Or if the situation was much worse and her DNA was not compatible with her husband's. Alison would be inconsolable if that were the case.

Now, she waited -- as patiently as possible -- as Dr. Crusher set up her medical files and gathered her information for their visit. She sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. Longshot was beside her in the other chair and she had a tight hold on his hand. Her thumb rubbed restlessly against the back of his hand.

There had to be good news. She needed good news.
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The knock at the door came almost exactly fifteen minutes after Alison had hung up the phone with John. He had said fifteen minutes, after all. It was little wonder which parent Robbie took after. The boy was almost -- almost -- never late.

Alison grinned as she swung the door open and smiled at her husband's adoptive father. To her eyes, John didn't really look old enough to be Robbie's father. Let alone Longshot who was a fully grown man. But, it worked for them and it made Longshot happy. Ultimately, that was what mattered the most to her.

"Hiya, John. Come on in." She stepped back to let him in. "Longshot's in the living room. Robbie and Miyuki are off doing something top secret for the clan. I don't even ask anymore." Actually, she did know. They were working on plans for Longshot's birthday and adoption celebration with the jonin. But, she wasn't going to say that while her husband was within hearing range.

"Everything okay?" He looked at her curiously as he shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on a hook by the front door. She eyed the gun holsters on his forearms. She could use guns, she just didn't like them. Too unpredictable for her.

"Yup. Just wanted to tell you something." His perplexed look made her giggle. "It's a secret. Go on in." She nudged him toward the living room and followed after.


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