Apr. 9th, 2008

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After a night of ups and downs -- if she were entirely truthful, it was a lot more downs than ups -- Alison made good on her promise to her mother-in-law. She started out early. The babies were fed and kissed, and her husband snuggled thoroughly. It had almost given her time to talk herself out of leaving, but in the end, the jonin had gently nudged her out the door.

The trip required several portal hops through the Nexus. Instead of an Italian spa, Natasha had chosen an American spa in New York for Alison's gift. It was a good choice. Alison would have had a difficult time relaxing in Italy without speaking the language. And it was nice to see the States again. She hadn't realized that she missed the familiar sights and sounds.

The spa people had their work cut out for them, though. Alison was about as tightly wound as she had ever been. Getting her relaxed and happy was a task that usually only Longshot managed. And he did it with techniques that the people at the spa were not allowed to use.

Despite her reluctance and hesitance, she found herself relaxing as she received the full spa treatment. First, she enjoyed a full body massage. Even ger toes got some attention. That had been the part she didn't think she'd like, but once it started she melted right into the table. Longshot's were better, but it was also nice to get a rub down without any sexual expectations at the end. In fact, the only expectation at the end of the massage was a long soak in an herb infused hot tub.

Over the next few hours, Alison was pampered within an inch of her life. Her hair was trimmed and highlighted. She got a manicure and a pedicure; a facial and a make-over. Even an acupuncture treatment. She wasn't afraid of the needles anymore. Once every conceivable treatment had been lavished on her, she finally emerged into the afternoon sun. It was on the edge of her mind to head for home, but the day was only half over and she had been told to take it for herself, so... shopping!

It was nice to wander the mall and spend some time just looking. Window shopping was a lost art. Eventually, she found some new clothes that she had to have. And some toys for the babies. Well, she couldn't completely forget them all day, after all. Not even if she tried. Nor could she stop thinking about her husband. She wondered if he was thinking about her? He said he would miss her today. She'd have to find him something, too. Hmmm.

Ah, wait. She had the perfect idea. And she knew right where to find it.

The walk home took a bit longer than the trip to the spa. Mostly because she was enjoying the early evening air and the slow sunset. She was never without light, so the night didn't worry her. But, she wanted to get home before too late. No need to worry anyone.

She hummed softly to herself as she mounted the steps to the front door and opened it. As she toed off her sandals in the entryway, she called out, "I'm home!"


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