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Still the one.

Alison woke at a reasonable hour and was only mildly ill. The morning sickness so far with her second pregnancy had been easier to handle than the first. She was especially glad for it on days like today. It was Valentine's Day and she needed to do something special for her handsome hubby.

Following tradition, Longshot had been up early and gone into the camp for his yearly chocolate haul. Despite being a happily married father of three (four soon), he still made out better than most single men in the country. They would be eating chocolate for weeks after the holiday.

While he was out, Alison bathed and dressed the twins in little Valentine outfits she'd bought for them. They got their breakfast and a little stuffed monkey each. Both were white with little red hearts on their palms and the bottoms of their feet. By the time Daddy returned home, there were two babies with slightly soggy stuffed animals and a picnic lunch for four waiting for him.

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"Okay!" Alison handed grumpy pants over to his Daddy and then set to work wiping down the other little one. Daddy could run around with cannoli cream on his nose. It was his big day.

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Longshot set his son down on his feet. He dusted off Aiden's non-dirty bottom.

"Now, you better get running, Super Froggie. 'Cause I'm gonna gethcu!" Longshot made tickle monster fingers. Then he was off after his screeching and giggling son trying to escape to safety.

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Aiden's giggles made Hana giggle. Daddy was silly. Alison smiled and scooped her up, cradling Hana against her shoulder as she walked.

"Some little giiiirl is going to go on the swiiiing..." She sang at Hana as she settled the baby into the little harness swing and gave it a gentle push.

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Longshot could, technically, easily catch his son and give him the tickling of his life. However, it was more fun to chase after the small blond tot as he ran around the playground.

Though on one pass of Alison, Longshot reached over and tickled his other baby. Or at least Alison's belly. Then he was off after Aiden who paused to see why Daddy was not a-chasin'.

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Alison laughed at the tickling. Silly husband. He couldn't even wait for the baby to be born before the tickle attacks began. She grinned and waved at Aiden before the tiny blond took off to run from his Daddy again.

Hana's little feet kicked in the air as her swing went back and forth. She babbled softly to herself. Alison could swear it almost sounded musical.

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One thing about chasing someone much shorter than you, they can run right under things that would take you off at the hip. Aiden zipped right under some playing apparatus, and Longshot had to skid to a stop.

He would not be thwarted! He jumped from a standstill to the other side. He had to adjust his landing to not take out his own son, however. Longshot quickly scooped up Aiden before he had time to be scared and tickled the little boy like crazy.

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Aiden blinked at sudden Daddy appearance. Then he squealed and laughed when the tickle monster attacked. He wiggled and squirmed in self defense.

Hana laughed from her peaceful swing.

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Longshot tickled him a bit longer and then put his son over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He held onto his son by his ankles and strode over to his laughing daughter. He squinted with mock-menace at her.

"Whachu findin' funny, baby girl?"

Meanwhile, he let Aiden slide and dangle along his back before pulling the wee acrobat back up to his shoulder.

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"Daddy!" Hana squeaked and made grabby hands. It was her turn for tickles and tumbling! Her little feet kicked excitedly in her swing.

Aiden laughed and squirmed on Daddy's shoulder until Mommy sneaked over and scooped him up. "I stole the baby!" Alison grinned and rubbed her nose against her tiny son's.

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Longshot gasped theatrically when he suddenly lost his son. Rather than turn around and search for Aiden, however, he walked forward and got his little girl out of her swing. He held her up and let her zoom about before bringing her in for snuggles.

"Run or dangle, baby girl?" he asked as he shifted his grip to be able to do either.

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Alison cuddled Aiden to her and rocked him in her arms. He had hiccups from all his laughing! She smiled and patted his back gently.

Hana waved her arms. She didn't want to run. She wanted Daddy to hold her!

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Arm flapping was not leg kicking. She would rather dangle to Longshot's mind. So he held her legs and carefully let her tip so she hung upside down. He slowly raised and lowered her.

"Where's my Hana? She flew away... like a bat." He looked down. "Ohp! There she is! Hanging like a bat!"

He shifted his grip to bring her right side up for some snugglin'.

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When she was right side up again and could reach, she grabbed at Daddy's face and gave him a big, sloppy smooch on the nose. He was the bestest Daddy!

"Awwww. Daddy's girl." Alison smiled at him over Aiden's little blond head.

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Longshot blinked at the smooch on his nose. It seemed to have gotten the bit of cannoli cream there, too. He grinned and kissed Hana's cheek. Then he snuggled her tight.

"By dose be web, Abi," he reported dutifully to his wife. When Hana was lulled into that false sense of security from snuggles... the tickle monster attacked! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!