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Ice cream solves all manner of ailments. In Alison's opinion, anyway. It was good for heartbreaks, disappointments, and recovering from screaming fights with a bull-headed step-son. It also made a good fortifier for when the conversation was likely to turn to topics that could hurt.

The ice cream parlor she favored was small and had a nice outdoor sitting area. Alison liked to sit outside where the sunlight could warm the chill from the frozen treat.

She smiled at the man in the little paper hat behind the counter. And waited for Windsong to place her order first.
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The tiny apartment seemed too big and too empty to Alison on most days. On most days, she was the only one in it. But, for the last few days, Longshot had been home recovering from his injury and Star had been in and out to see him. The place hadn't seemed to echo quite so much as it used to. It was becoming more home-like.

Longshot was in the shower. He had been sleeping when she left to pick up a few things at a near-by market and when she'd returned he was in the shower. She left him to it as she put the groceries away.

A knock distracted her and she wandered out of the kitchen to open the door.

"John! Hello, come in." She smiled and pulled the door open wider for him and his companion to come inside. She didn't know the woman, but she baby in her arms was easily recognizable from the photos she'd seen.


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