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The Nexus portal spits you out (Not literally! That would be gross. Although, now they're planning that for next year...) at the gates to an old, renovated, Japanese castle. The normally clean and well kept castle gates are left hanging open and are draped with spiderwebs. The path leading away from the gate and toward the castle is lined with cauldron shaped lights that smoke and glow. Eeeerie.

A fork in the path! One path leads to the castle. One path leads to... buh-buh-buh-boooom! Certain Death! ... err, candy! Delicious candy!

Follow the path that's lit, anyway. Do you want to stub a toe?

The path winds through a small orchard of plum trees. Spiderwebs and plastic -- you hope! -- spiders dangle from the branches and tickle faces and necks. Spooky music plays from up in the distance. And there are more lights. Sure, some of them have an evil, red glow... but more light is better than no light, right?!

When the path spills into a clearing once again, you find yourself walking amongst the graves of those who have come before you. Or, possibly, those are cardboard cut-out tombstones and some of them have clever epitaphs like:

Here lies my older bro.
Ate too much candy and 'sploded.
Now, there's no bro
no mo'.

Somewhere amongst the sadly departed, you might find a retaliatory tombstone for a younger sister. But, you're here for candy, aren't you? Persevere, intrepid Trick or Treater! Treats await you up ahead. Possibly a few tricks. But, they'll be nice. Promise!

On a slightly elevated area of the castle grounds ahead is an old building with wide doors that may have been a carriage house at some point. Tonight it is a PORTAL TO HELL! MUHAHAHAHA!

Ahem. Err. It is a welcome center. For weary travelers. Also, candy. There will be candy, yes.

The bones of travelers past crunch underfoot (Or is it just really neat gravel on the path? OR IS IT?). The doors hang open and loom ominously over those foolish brave enough to enter. That spooky music? Yeah, you found it. Fog rolls out from the building and down onto the path. Large cauldrons on either side of the entrance glow bright red and smoke billows forth. A tall, wooden perch stands next to another large caulron in the center of the room. Bouncing excitedly on top of the perch is a pygmy marmoset dressed as Jack the Monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean. The cauldron below him is indeed filled with delicious candy! Do you dare steal Monkey Jack's loot?

From the fog gathering at the back of the room, Alison emerges bearing a tray of caramel and toffee dipped apples decorated with Halloween sprinkles. Her devil's horns glitter merrily in the light from the cauldrons and her own, personal glow. She's decided to glow red, just for the occasion.

"Who's hungry?" She grins.


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