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Alison didn't like it when her husband wasn't home. There were a variety of reasons for it, but the main reason was because he wasn't with her when he was gone. She had spent most of the day in a funk, waiting for Longshot and Asuka to return home from a clan mission. She couldn't complain too much when he was sent away. The jonin knew Alison was pregnant and somewhat clingy where her husband was concerned. So, if he had been called away, it was probably very important.

She still missed him, though.

So, she spent most of the day in her music room. Her single had done remarkably well since its release and now she was looking to find more good material to record. She had almost an album's worth already.

She was taking a break from working, having a sandwich for lunch in the kitchen, when she saw the glowy orange light from John's arrival. She hoped Lisa was with him. The girl had not been in her room this morning and that had worried Alison, too.

"Hi, guys!" She called. "Come have some lunch with me."
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The knock at the door came almost exactly fifteen minutes after Alison had hung up the phone with John. He had said fifteen minutes, after all. It was little wonder which parent Robbie took after. The boy was almost -- almost -- never late.

Alison grinned as she swung the door open and smiled at her husband's adoptive father. To her eyes, John didn't really look old enough to be Robbie's father. Let alone Longshot who was a fully grown man. But, it worked for them and it made Longshot happy. Ultimately, that was what mattered the most to her.

"Hiya, John. Come on in." She stepped back to let him in. "Longshot's in the living room. Robbie and Miyuki are off doing something top secret for the clan. I don't even ask anymore." Actually, she did know. They were working on plans for Longshot's birthday and adoption celebration with the jonin. But, she wasn't going to say that while her husband was within hearing range.

"Everything okay?" He looked at her curiously as he shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on a hook by the front door. She eyed the gun holsters on his forearms. She could use guns, she just didn't like them. Too unpredictable for her.

"Yup. Just wanted to tell you something." His perplexed look made her giggle. "It's a secret. Go on in." She nudged him toward the living room and followed after.
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Alison had made two very different calls when she woke up this morning.

The first was to the producer that had contacted her after her White Day performance. It had gone remarkably well and she had an appointment the following week to meet him at his studio for contract negotiation. She still hadn't completely absorbed the idea that she was going to make music professionally again. She had no idea how starting a career in Japan would work out for her. But, Longshot seemed to have enough confidence in her and her ability to be a star again to make up for any lack she might have. And, to be honest, those doubts were getting fewer and fewer. Every time she thought she wasn't going to make it, something good happened.

Probably all her husband's fault. Not that she minded.

The second call she made was to Robbie's father -- Longshot's surrogate father. John seemed glad to hear from her. Robbie had told him about her untimely demise and resurrection. After catching up for a few minutes, Alison had spilled the story about another trip to Mojoworld. This time, for Rogue's sake. She wasn't really surprised at his volunteering to join them. He was fond of Rogue and even more fond of Longshot and herself. He promised to be there as soon as he made a few arrangements at home and gathered the gear he would need.

It was quiet while she waited for him to arrive. Rogue had slept in -- probably the first sound sleep she'd had since Dakota had gone missing. Renewed hope did wonders for insomnia, Alison knew from firsthand experience. Longshot, too, had slept longer than usual. The emotional mess that had exploded all over his family the day before had worn him down.

Robbie and Miyuki were up at their usual crack of dawn and out at the barn feeding and working with the horses. Maponos was sprawled out across Alison's lap in a patch of morning sunshine as she sat on the couch and scritched his belly. The little monkey had managed, once again, to get his breakfast before she had. All that was left to feed in the castle were the people.
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The tiny apartment seemed too big and too empty to Alison on most days. On most days, she was the only one in it. But, for the last few days, Longshot had been home recovering from his injury and Star had been in and out to see him. The place hadn't seemed to echo quite so much as it used to. It was becoming more home-like.

Longshot was in the shower. He had been sleeping when she left to pick up a few things at a near-by market and when she'd returned he was in the shower. She left him to it as she put the groceries away.

A knock distracted her and she wandered out of the kitchen to open the door.

"John! Hello, come in." She smiled and pulled the door open wider for him and his companion to come inside. She didn't know the woman, but she baby in her arms was easily recognizable from the photos she'd seen.
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Once she had stepped through the portal, Alison had set Star's boots and swords down and rushed to drag the futon mattress out and unfold it. She got it ready as quickly as possible for Longshot, once Star brought him through. The entire time, she muttered about wanting a place with real beds.

Too twitchy to stay still, she busied herself collecting blankets for the river swimmers and setting the coffee pot and teakettle on.


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