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There came a time when Alison had simply had enough of winter in Japan. She wanted to be outside with the grass under her feet warmed by the sun. But, it was not to be. She woke to a snow flurry and the day only got colder as it wore on.

Some days it would have been nice to be Storm.

But, since she had no power over the seasons, she'd have to improvise. Use the abilities she did have.

Early afternoon found her in the living room with Aiden and Hana. The curtains on the big windows of the room were open wide to allow the sunlight in. It was a bright enough day. Just cold. Aiden and Hana were laying on a soft, green blanket in the pool of sunlight under the windows. Alison sat cross-legged at their feet. She laughed at the sight before her.

Both babies were all flailing limbs as they reached for the butterfly holograms Alison made for them. A swarm of brightly colored red, orange, green, and blue, blinking butterflies flitted around the twins. Sometimes one or another would discover a butterfly had alighted on a fist or foot and very sneakily try to shove that appendage into their mouths. The butterfly would flit away just in time to avoid being tasted.

Hey, it was kind of like Spring...


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