shimmerandsing: (dressed up)
Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2013-09-21 03:54 pm

Treats for the tricky.

This year, the costume choices for the babies had been all Daddy's doing. Alison wasn't sure how he'd come up with the idea to dress Percy as a jellybean, but she had to admit he looked pretty cute in his plush, green, bean suit. She'd been singing, "Greeeeeeen jellybeeeeeeean," at him all day as she got him and his siblings ready.

Aiden and Hana had donned their monkey costumes early in the day and refused to take them off for anything. The monkey suits also seemed to amplify their need to climb on things. Then again, her children had never needed any extra motivation to do that.

She'd left corralling the two spider monkeys to her much quicker, more agile hubby.

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