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Treats for the tricky.

This year, the costume choices for the babies had been all Daddy's doing. Alison wasn't sure how he'd come up with the idea to dress Percy as a jellybean, but she had to admit he looked pretty cute in his plush, green, bean suit. She'd been singing, "Greeeeeeen jellybeeeeeeean," at him all day as she got him and his siblings ready.

Aiden and Hana had donned their monkey costumes early in the day and refused to take them off for anything. The monkey suits also seemed to amplify their need to climb on things. Then again, her children had never needed any extra motivation to do that.

She'd left corralling the two spider monkeys to her much quicker, more agile hubby.
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Longshot had pulled Aiden off the tall furniture at least fifteen times and Hana about fourteen. His daughter was trying to even up the score with her twin when he plucked her off the side of the cabinet.

"I got you now, monkey girl." He had a child under each arm. As wiggly as they were. "Obāchan says bed time for baby monkeys. We better listen."

Mostly because his adoptive mother was going to keep an eye on her grandchildren. To give Alison and him a break.
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"Hmm. That might cause a problem." He deftly tickled the twins while keeping a hold on their giggling, squirming bodies. "I only got two arms. I might have to work on getting monkey toes."

Monkey toes seemed to sound like the most hilarious thing to the twins. It started a renewed gale of giggles after Longshot stopped tickling them.
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"Ponos toes!"

Longshot blinked down at his daughter. She was pointing down at his feet. Aiden started to chant "Ponos toes."

The elder Mojoworlder wiggled his toes and decided they did not look like a pygmy marmoset's toes. He glanced at Alison for confirmation.

"Alright, little monkeys. Let's go find Obāchan before Maponos thinks I stole his feet. Then I will have to give Mommy personal climbing lessons."
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Longshot carried the twins, who were now back to making monkey noises, up the wooden castle's stairs to his adoptive mother. The small, elderly Japanese woman looked bemused at the underarm treatment of her grandkids. She also had the special powers of getting the twins to cling to her like magnets. So the transfer of children went rather easily.

Longshot kissed the tops of the monkey heads and went to go find his wife and their jellybean.

"Any tasty jellybeans about?" he called out before he turned a corner. Like Percy could respond, but it would be exciting if he did!
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"Ah ha!" Longshot jumped into the doorway like he'd solved the mystery. He squinted at the very large, wiggly jellybean in Alison's arms. He stroked his chin contemplatively.

"Did not know I was getting a gorgeous wife and a jellybean. Don't know which one to eat first. Hmm."
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Longshot carefully scooped the giant jellybean away from his wife. Doing so made Percy a super jellybean with the power of swooping flight. Or as swooping as it could get with Longshot carefully holding him.

"Brrrrrmmmm! Who knew you were a super jellybean?" As Percy swooped by his mother, Longshot gave her a kiss on the cheek.
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"Brrrrm! Uh oh... need to get into a hangar. Jellybean has a squishy load in his cargo area." Longshot hoped the squish meant just pee. He loved his son, but Percy made some really stinky poo.

And then he was slightly startled by a pat to his butt. He blinked at Ali. He still could not understand her fixation with his seat.

"To the Changing Table Airport! Let's see if we beat the Mommy Fighter Jet. She comes loaded with missiles of butt patting, doncha know."
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Longshot got up on his toes and 'flew' Percy to the changing table. He settled back down on his feet in relief when squishy diaper just meant pee-pee diaper.

He took care of Percy's wet bottom with some flourish.

"Tah dah!"
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"Hmm." He tickled Percy's belly with his fingertips before wrapping the baby into a jellybean again.

"I think I'll tire him out. Then while he's snoozing I'll... do stuff and things to his Mommy."

He waggled his eyebrows at Alison.
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"Splishy splashy stuff and things," Longshot commented to his youngest as Alison left the room. He gave his son attention, affection, and another dry butt before Percy got tuckered out.

The Mojoworlder un-jelly beaned his baby boy and tucked him in. He made sure the baby monitor was on before he went up to the top floor to see where his wife was in the whole naked and wet thing.
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"Yep! Snoozing hard now." Longshot nodded as he set the baby monitor on the sink counter. He stripped off pieces of clothing with every step toward the bathtub.

He stopped at the side of the tub, completely naked. He put his hands on his hips and peered curiously at the sudsy water. "Room for me in there?"
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He stroked his chin thoughtfully. He inspected how much of the tub Alison took up from head to wiggly toes. "That might work."

Slowly and carefully, with a lot of muscle rippling, he stepped into the bathtub. He waded past her toes. Then he sank so he sat on her legs facing her. "Cozy enough?"
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If Alison wanted him closer, he was more than happy to oblige. He nuzzled her neck and softly kissed a bubble free spot. It might just ruin the mood to taste bubbles and go 'plech' against her skin.

He grazed his teeth on a spot just below her ear. "Tell me how cozy you want," he whispered. "I'll get you there."
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He kept his mouth traveling all over the non-soapy parts of her neck. Since she gave him more skin to taste, he was going to taste it.

One of his arms slipped around her to keep himself from floating away from her. That was certainly not cozy. The other hand traced up her curves and then down her arm to lightly grasp her wrist. He gently tugged her hand toward his back.

"Some of me wants to get cozy with your touch," he breathed against her neck. He followed his words up with a long lick from the base of her neck to just below her ear.