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The Twins: Year one.

"Happy birthday to youuuuuu..." Alison was singing to the twins as she got them bathed and dressed for their very first birthday party. She had been singing all day. All sorts of songs, with Happy Birthday randomly thrown in. Hana giggled every time Alison elongated the word 'you'. Aiden was too busy playing with the plushie frog face on his new shirt.

"Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!" More giggles. Alison tugged a pink shirt with a fluffy, white lamb's face on it over the little girl's head. Each baby had matching pants and little socks to go with the shirts.

She scooped up one wiggle worm in each arm and headed down the stairs to the living room. "Happy birthday, Aiden and Hanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy Birthday to you!"

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Longshot was busily getting the living room and dining room ready for the prodigious birthday party coming. Alison was handling the babies, he was handling the decorations, gifts, food, and holding Rogue's baby on occasion.

Though the latter was more due Rogue helping out in parts. Mom was helping in parts. Asuka was keeping the teenagers busy with helping (and not smooching in Robbie and Miyuki's case). There were two tweens running around on a sugar high. Possibly a Dad hiding in a shrubbery somewhere.

The Mojoworlder thought his two babies deserved as much family as could make it. It was a big deal!

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"Ho ho ho!" A voice called out from the front door as it swung open.

"Daddy! It's too late for that!" Lisa's voice followed after it. Grownups. Geez.

"My mistake," John replied cheerfully as he entered the living room with a stack of gifts in his arms. "Happy Halloween!"


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Rogue relieves Longshot of her daughter and settles into one of the armchairs. Winona snuggles happily into her Mommy. Uncle Longshot is fine, but Mommy is a thousand times more comfortable.

"Jus' wait for John to start bringin' th' Hanukkah presents, sugah," she tells Lisa as she rubs Winona's back. She gets happy gurgles in response.

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Babies everywhere! Alison appeared in the living room with two gigglers. One of whom she handed over promptly to her Daddy. Hana was such a Daddy's girl. Aiden got a round of mommy snuggles when Alison had both arms free.

"It's the birthday babies!"

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Longshot gladly took his little girl. He snuggled her to pieces!

"How's my baby birthday girl? All ready to turn one? Huh?" He kissed her forehead. Daddy fingers tickled her belly before booping the little lamb nose on her shirt.

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After setting the gifts down on the table with the rest of the brightly colored packages, John gave Alison a pitiful look.

"No baby for grandpa?" Grabby hands. Gimmie!

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"Hurray for the birthday babies!" Rogue chuckles at John. Her own baby girl was firmly ensconced on her shoulder and... chewing on her hair. She almost sighs.

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"Oh fine!" Alison gave a mock huff and handed Aiden off to his grandpa. Then she grinned at Lisa. "There's cookies in the kitchen."

She wandered over to Rogue and gave Winona a little tickle under her chubby chin. "How's the newest arrival today?"

Hana laughed and wiggled in her Daddy's arms. Then he booped her sheepie! She gave him an astonished look for a second, before bursting into fresh giggles. Silly Daddy.

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Longshot grinned at Hana. He loved hearing his babies giggle. They also tended to do it a lot. Especially around him.

He adjusted his hold on his daughter and then lifted her so she was above him. He craned his neck up to look at her. "You find that silly, Miss Junior Bird Girl?"

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No more baby. Alison made a pouty face for a minute before she was distracted by Will. Poor kid. He was so cute. She smiled and shook her head as she watched him flee up the stairs.

"Nothing for me, thanks." She smiled at Rogue. It was so good to have so much family in the place. Alison was never lonely. She loved it.

Aiden listened to his father with all due seriousness. Until he got his tummy raspberried. Then he flailed his arms and legs, giggling. It looked like there would be chasing!

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That giggling told Longshot there was definitely chasing. He grinned as he set his son down on his feet. He made sure Aiden was not going to fall over before he let go.

"Now, what are you going to do?" Longshot asked down at his son. Aiden seemed to be eying grandma...

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Aiden gave daddy a sidelong look. Then took off at top toddling speed for Grandma! The lap was a safe spot! Tickle monsters did not dare get near the grandma lap.

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Longshot gave chase! He made 'gonna getchu' and 'ticklin' a-coming' fingers at his son. He got close. So close.

Except he was thwarted by the powerful Lean Forward and Grab Grandma!

The jonin snatched up her number one grandson and settled him on her lap. She raised an eyebrow at her chasing son.

Longshot staggered back like it was a mortal blow. Oh, no! Anything but the Imperious Protective Eyebrow!

The Mojoworlder gasped, clutched his chest, and dramatically fell on the floor. He had a death scene reminiscent of one out of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

He ignored all giggling. It was a dramatic moment!

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High, delighted giggles came from the little blond in John's lap. Hana watched the chase with amusement and then broke into fresh laughter when Daddy started flopping around on the floor. Silly Daddy!

John just shook his head and looked over at Alison. "Don't look at me. I'm not giving him mouth-to-mouth."

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"Winona would, but she's asleep," Dakota volunteered. He held his snoozing daughter to his chest. He figured there was less chance of somebody grabbing and rousing his daughter to save Longshot if he cradled her like a football.

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Rogue steps over the dying Longshot as she makes her way into the kitchen. She glances down at the 'dying' man.

"Jus' a mere flesh wound, y'all. He'll be alright." She grins before she disappears into the kitchen. Hopefully Lisa and Gloria Jean left some cookies.

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"Nobody panic," Alison chuckled as she made her way over to her 'dying' husband. She knelt down beside him. "I'm trained to respond in situations such as these."

She leaned down and gave her hammy hubby a long smooch.

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Longshot hummed as he went up the stairs. He knew what was going to happen. He just didn't know the details of how.

Since he had strolled his way up, he didn't arrive too much longer before Alison. Just enough time to peel off his socks and wiggle his toes at their unsocked freedom.

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The door clicked shut behind Alison as she followed her husband into the room. She paused long enough to appreciate the view of his cute toes...

Then she tackled him. They almost made it to the bed.

The floor was lovely, though. What she saw of it, anyway, before she started tearing his clothes off.

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One minute, he had Alison gazing adoringly at his toes. The next...

"Oof!" He blinked at how fast Ali had moved. He hadn't even seen her coming! His head might have hit the floor a little, but it didn't really cause any harm. Mostly because he was blinking at his wife tearing off his clothes like a madwoman.

... that was kinda hot.

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La la la. Cotton sounded so nice when it ripped. Alison hummed happily to herself as seams popped and cloth went flying every which way. Once he was as naked as she could get him while sitting on him, she started at her own clothes.

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She was not going to do her own clothes by herself! Oh, no! She was going to hand some four-fingered helpers!

He hoped she wasn't overly fond of these clothes. If she was, he would go out and buy her another set. This one tore like tissue paper under his hands.

His wife's boobs were not going to be repressed by clothing anymore!

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His help was appreciated! The faster she got naked, the happier she would be. And then she would make him happy. Over and over and...

With the clothes out of the way, Alison favored her husband with a wild grin before she stretched out on top of him and kissed him hard.

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He almost managed a smile in return. He'd got caught breathless by how ... primal her smile was. Longshot couldn't remember the last time he had a gut punch of a feeling he was going to be eaten.

Not that he minded at all. Complete and implicit trust in his wife. He kissed back just as hard and started wishing his last bit of clothing were gone.

He wanted complete and total skin-to-skin contact.

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He would get his wish! Just as soon as his wife could manage it. Alison was tearing at his pants even while she kissed him.

A growl of want rumbled in the back of her throat as she wiggled out of her skirt. He could take care of the panties easily. He'd done it before.

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