shimmerandsing: (Default)
Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2008-09-01 05:52 pm

Creepin' and crawlin'.

Alison was being vewwy vewwy quiet. She was hunting babies. Spying on them, really. She was peeking around the door frame from the kitchen. Aiden and Hana were playing on an activity mat she'd spread out for them. When she stepped away to grab sippy cups for them, she returned to a very interesting sight.

Hana was slowly rocking on her hands and knees. A toy she wanted had rolled just out of her reach and she was determined to get it. Alison held her breath as she watched the baby work out how to move her arms and legs just so. They had been inching closer to it for weeks.

Today might be the day!

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