shimmerandsing: (Ali and Longshot)
Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2008-08-05 12:36 am

Splish splash.

"Who's got a little duckie bathing suit on? Who does?" Alison grinned as she tickled Hana tiny foot. The baby in her arms giggled and wiggled. Hana's bathing suit was a one-piece, bright yellow suit with white, baby ducks on it.

It was the twin's first swimming lesson. Longshot was already by the pool, holding Aiden in his lap. The little blond boy was watching the other swimmers with rapt attention. He looked so cute in his little blue swim trunks. Just like Daddy's. Only Daddy's didn't have monkeys on them.

She walked over to her husband and sat down beside him with her legs dangling in the water. "Ready?"

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