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Splish splash.

"Who's got a little duckie bathing suit on? Who does?" Alison grinned as she tickled Hana tiny foot. The baby in her arms giggled and wiggled. Hana's bathing suit was a one-piece, bright yellow suit with white, baby ducks on it.

It was the twin's first swimming lesson. Longshot was already by the pool, holding Aiden in his lap. The little blond boy was watching the other swimmers with rapt attention. He looked so cute in his little blue swim trunks. Just like Daddy's. Only Daddy's didn't have monkeys on them.

She walked over to her husband and sat down beside him with her legs dangling in the water. "Ready?"

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Longshot wasn't too sure about swimming lessons, but he knew with a rather large koi pond on the premises the twins would need it. He knew he was lucky, but he didn't know how far that extended to his children. He rubbed his index fingers against Aiden's side.

"We're ready. Right, little boy?" He looked down at his son.

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Aiden looked up when Daddy addressed him and broke into a wide smile. A few tiny teeth were just visible in that smile. "Da-ee!"

"That's my cute hubby and my little man." Alison winked at Longshot and leaned over to kiss an Aiden cheek. "Let's get splashing."

She slid off the side into the shallow end of the pool. Then walked out until the water reached above her waist. Hana looked all around as Mommy walked. This was all new and interesting!

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"Yep. Daddy's here. So no worrying," he advised Aiden as he slipped into the water. "Nothing bad happens when Daddy's around."

He followed Alison out into the deeper bit of the pool. He let Aiden's legs dangle in the water. Just so he was comfortable with getting wet.

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Hey! Aiden looked down and kicked his feet experimentally. He was getting all wet! But, it was splashy. He cooed and kicked again.

His sister, meanwhile, was having none of it. As soon as Alison lowered her enough for her feet to touch the water, Hana snatched them up. A very disgruntled look came over her face as she looked down at the pool.

"It's just water, baby. Just like a bath," Alison cooed softly and lowered her again. This time, she got a wail for her trouble.

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Longshot chuckled at Aiden splashing. "Toldja, little man. Daddy brings the funs."

He let his son kick around a bit before he noticed Hana not enjoying herself. That wasn't like his baby girl! He frowned a little.

"Wanna try a baby pass-off? I can have Aiden swim over so Hana can see it, if you wanna try that. He's a splishing and splashing, Mommy."

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"Might be a good idea." Alison was frowning, too. She held Hana to her chest and let the little girl cling to her bathing suit strap. Hana was making her signature about-to-throw-a-tantrum whimpering sound.

Alison sighed and patted Hana's back gently. "Look, baby. Look at Aiden. Aiden's swimming with Daddy." She tried to get Hana to look over.

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"Okay. Let's give it a shot." He kept Aiden's legs in the water while he lowered himself so his son was above. He waggled his eyebrows at his son. "Gonna swim with Daddy?"

With the distraction of silly Daddy face, Longshot lowered his son more into the water. He kept a firm grip on his baby boy. Once his son was in as much as he was, he turned Aiden so his son was on his back but his head was still out of the water.

The Mojoworlder kissed the top of his son's head before they started 'swimming' toward Alison and Hana. "Wiggle them arms and legs! Show the pool how to splash! 'Cause you're swimming!"

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Silly faces! Aiden laughed at Daddy and didn't notice he was more in the water until he was turned on his back. Then he was a little uncertain. He started to fuss until Daddy kissed his forehead. Then he relaxed. Daddy wouldn't let bad stuff happen.

Soon, he was kicking and splashing away as they headed for Mommy and Hana.

Hana watched the proceedings from the safety of her Mommy's arms. She still wasn't sure about all this. But, her brother looked like he was having fun.

"That's our little boy!" Alison cheered for Aiden as she watched him splishing. "Swimming like a fish. Now, we just gotta get our little duckie in the water."

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Daddy would never ever let bad stuff happen. He had solemnly sworn when his babies were born. He cheered for Aiden as they got to swim up to right beside Mommy and Hana.

"Ooh. I think Mommy wants to take Aiden for a spin. Whachu think, little man?" He rose out of the water a bit and puckered his lips at his son. The Mojoworlder was rewarded with giggles.

"So, who's turn is it, Super Frog?" Longshot asked the wiggleworm.

The answer was a slightly splashy 'ma-ee'. Somehow his son had picked up how to play to the crowd.

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"Awwwww...." Alison smiled down at her tiny son and got a little misty eyed. Mommy! He said mommy! She'd been waiting so long to hear that. "He said Mommy!"

Alison reached down to cradle her giggling boy with her free arm. "Hana? Think Daddy can make the pool less scary for you? Hmm?"

Hana sucked her thumb and looked between her parents curiously.

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Alison laughed at Longshot's explanation. Well, fish poop was a very important consideration. She smiled down at they two giggling babies in their arms.

"We have a couple of little giggle-boxes, Daddy." She leaned in and raspberried at little grabbing hands.

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"I think they get that from me. Unless it was something I said, then they get it from you." He nodded before lifting Hana higher and closer to make a grab for Mommy's lips.

Never let it be said that Longshot did not give his daughter what she wanted when it was appropriate.

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"Eep!" Alison squeaked before tiny hands grabbed at her lips. She laughed and shook her head just a little. Daddy was spoiling the girl! No more so than she and the grandparents were, though.

Aiden giggled when his sister did and grabbed for Mommy's chin. Got her!

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"You got Mommy! Yay!" Longshot cheered for Hana. Then he carefully extracted her from Alison's lips. Mostly by distracting the baby with tickles. It was hard to hold on with belly laughs happening.

He looked down at Aiden. "Whachu think, little man?"

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Hana squealed and giggled, all flailing arms and legs as her Daddy tickled her. Daddy was tricky that way!

Aiden looked up when Daddy addressed him and giggled. "Ma-ee!" He patted Alison's chin with his hands. See, Daddy? He caught Mommy, too.

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Longshot snuggled Hana to his chest. His little girl! No one could have her! No one! Well, maybe Alison if she asked nicely.

"That's right!" he agreed with Aiden. "That's your Mommy!"

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Alison tipped her head to the side and leaned in to blow a raspberry on Aiden's neck. It set off a whole new peal of baby giggles. And made her grin from ear to ear. Baby giggles were the best things in the world.

Hana cooed happily and snuggled up with her Daddy. He was her favoritest Daddy in the whole wide world.

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He was her only Daddy, and it better stay that way! Or else he would have two very broken hearts. He kissed the top of her head.

"You wanna try swimming with Mommy? Or do you still want Daddy? Hmm, little girl?"

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"Wanna come see me, baby?" Alison smiled at Hana and stretched out her free arm. The other arm cradled Aiden, bouncing him gently. Aiden giggled and clutched at Mommy's bathing suit strap as he bounced.

"Ma-ee," Hana answered Alison back and reached out a grabby hand.

Baby switch!

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"Tomorrow it is, then." Alison smiled at Longshot. If he was that excited about the twins learning to swim, then she would be happy to swim with them as often as he liked.

"I'll bring some floaty toys for them next time, maybe. Hold their interest a bit longer, perhaps." She rubbed Hana's back as the baby snoozed on her chest. Awwww. So sweet. And Aiden looked absolutely adorable snuggled up on his Daddy.

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Longshot leaned over, careful of the the babies, and kissed Alison. Soft and sweet. "You're the best," he murmured.

"Gonna bring some for me?" he asked as he settled back. "Or did you already bring some."

If the Mojoworlder were capable of leering, he did it. Right at her chest. Then he chuckled and settled back.

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Awww. Sweet hubby. Alison adored him so much. "You're pretty darn good, yourself, Daddy."

Then she laughed. Every once in a while, he really surprised her. Never in a million years would she have imagined seeing that sort of lecherous look on his sweet face. But, she kinda liked it.

"Those are your private, at home, bath toys. No playing with them in the public pool." She chuckled.

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"Have to be good. I have to be worth the best wife and mother ever." He nodded sagely. "It's hard work."

He rubbed Aiden's back some more. It was a small wonder to Longshot that his son and daughter felt so safe and comfortable with him. It wasn't like Longshot had carried the twins for seven months. So, their trust made him try hard to be the best father he could.

"Awww! Darn!" He winked. He knew he would never get to play with those floaties in public. He would content himself with in the bath tub later.

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"Awww." Alison blushed and looked down at the baby on her chest. She didn't think she was the best at anything, but her husband seemed to. And maybe her children, too. It felt good that they loved her so much.

"You can play with them all you want in the bath." She knew he was joking. Although, she also knew he would play with them in public if she said it was okay.

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"I plan on it," he assured her. And he would play with them in public if Alison ever said it was okay. They felt nice, and she certainly felt the niceness when he played. But there was the whole taboo thing. He didn't have a sense of that at all.