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Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2008-06-19 04:47 pm

From the mouths of babes.

Alison was stretched out on her side on a blanket. The blanket was spread out in the living room under the big windows. There was a little bit of a chill in the morning air, so she didn't want to have the kids outside. But, they could play on a blanket in the sun light.

Hana and Aiden were both sitting up unaided, now. The twins were each holding a set of plastic toys that looked like enormous house keys. Hana happily gummed away at the green key while Aiden had begun showing a fondness for the red one.

Alison reached over and rattled the keys if either baby looked to be losing interest.

"When's Daddy gonna be home, huh?" She smiled at them and delighted in how their little faces turned to focus their eyes on her. "Daddy's supposed to be home early today to play with us. When do you think he's gonna come home, hmm?"

Aiden giggled around the plastic key in his mouth.

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