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From the mouths of babes.

Alison was stretched out on her side on a blanket. The blanket was spread out in the living room under the big windows. There was a little bit of a chill in the morning air, so she didn't want to have the kids outside. But, they could play on a blanket in the sun light.

Hana and Aiden were both sitting up unaided, now. The twins were each holding a set of plastic toys that looked like enormous house keys. Hana happily gummed away at the green key while Aiden had begun showing a fondness for the red one.

Alison reached over and rattled the keys if either baby looked to be losing interest.

"When's Daddy gonna be home, huh?" She smiled at them and delighted in how their little faces turned to focus their eyes on her. "Daddy's supposed to be home early today to play with us. When do you think he's gonna come home, hmm?"

Aiden giggled around the plastic key in his mouth.

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Daddy was, at that very moment, coming up the front stairs. He heard the rainy season was a little over halfway over, but he was certainly glad for this small break. He tilted his face up toward the sky for a moment. Mmm. Sunlight.

Then he was back to business with getting through the door. He had made a promise that he meant to keep.


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Alison gasped dramatically.

"Who was that? Was that Daddy?" Aiden and Hana blinked wide eyes at her and she laughed. "I think it was!"

"Hi, Daddy," she called to him. "We're in here."

The twins had turned to look for the source of the familiar voice. Excited anticipation was written all over their little faces. Daddy!

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Longshot kicked off his shoes in the entryway and stepped up into the house proper. He padded over to the doorway to the living room.

"Well, what have we here?" he asked with a grin. "Meeting of the Daddy fan club?"

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Alison smiled up at her husband and then looked back down at the now squirming babies. Daddy was home! Daddy was home!

Hana dropped the plastic toys in her hand and made grabby hands at her father, "Da-ee!"

Following suit, Aiden shook the jingly keys and piped up with his own chorus of, "Da-ee! Da-ee!"

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Longshot had started moving before the first key was dropped. Only to stop in his tracks and gape. That... his babies... THEY WERE CALLING FOR HIM!

He bounced right over Alison and scooped both of them up. "That's right! Daddy's here!"

Then he squished both of them to his chest. They said Daddy! They said Daddy and meant him!

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Alison's jaw dropped. The babies were due to start talking any time now, but she still was not quite prepared for how amazing it would be to hear! She gaped as Longshot bounded over her and grabbed the twins up in a hug.

"Da-ee! Da-ee!" Hana and Aiden were giggling and squealing as they were squished by their very favoritest Daddy in the world.

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He was not going to stop squishing either one anytime soon. He kissed the tops of their heads as tears of joy ran down his cheeks. His babies needed him and knew how to call him! He. Was. Never. Letting. Go.

Somedays, getting one of your fondest wishes came right out of the blue.

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Yay! Alison got a Hana. She snuggled her daughter gently. Hana laughed and smiled at her Mommy. Mommy was as good at snuggles as Daddy was!

"I think Daddy's enjoying all this chatting." She smiled over their daughter's head.

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"Daddy loves this chatting." He sniffled again. Darnit. Then he cuddled Aiden. He had never imagined hearing that word would be so special. Longshot would never get enough.

"You'll get a Mommy soon, Ali. They love you just as much."

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Alison smiled. Daddy was overwhelmed. It was so adorable.

"I know. It's alright. All the books say Daddy is easier for babies to say. They'll pick up other words eventually."

Hana giggled! Mommy was tickling her tummy! Alison smiled and tickled their little girl. Someday she'd hear a 'Mommy'. It was just a matter of time.

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Longshot picked up Aiden so they could look eye to eye. "Your next mission, and you must accept it, is to learn to say 'Mommy.' Can you do that for Daddy?"

He had all the faith in the world his little boy could do it. Hana could, too. Maybe before Aiden to show off.

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Aiden's little feet kicked in the air. Whee! Flying! Then Daddy was talking and Aiden stopped to listen attentively. He always learned stuff when his Mommy and Daddy talked to him.

"Da-ee?" He ventured curiously.

"Da-ee!" Hana chorused from Alison's lap. Well, they were focused, anyway.

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"That's a start!" Longshot made Aiden fly around a bit and then brought him in for a Daddy snuggling. He got the Daddy portion right, anyway.

He kissed the top of Aiden's head. "I got a fan club!"

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"Oh, yes. The most gorgeous woman I'll ever meet is getting hit on. Just so I can get her in the bedroom." Not far into the bedroom the way he was feeling. Hopefully she would want some fast and hard if he did the right things.

He hummed a little at the wiggling and squeezed again. "Gonna get me all excited, buttercup."

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"You cad. You flatterer." Alison grinned at him. Teasing her hubby was so much fun. And so rewarding.

She snuggled in to the squeeze. "Excited enough to sweep me off my feet?"

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"I don't do flattery. I tell the unconditional truth. Especially to you." He leaned in and kissed her. Slipped a little tongue in because he could. The babies were sleeping anyway.

"Give me a few minutes and I'll have a third appendage for lifting." He ground his hips against her before quickly sweeping her off her feet and into his arms.

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Alison returned his kiss happily. Then she laughed when he mentioned his other appendage. She believed him, too. Her hubby was mighty in so many ways.

"No wonder I love you so." She smiled and kissed him again. He wasn't moving yet, so it was okay. No walls to run into.

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Longshot did not know his penis was mighty. He just used it in the best possible ways outside of peeing.

He started moving while she was kissing him. It was more instinct than anything. He knew how to get to their bedroom by hearts. He did it daily. Most of the time to have sex with the woman he wanted desperately than to sleep. He used his heel to close the door behind them.

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Alison thought it was mighty. Yes, indeed. It always felt powerful to her. In all the best ways.

Once inside the room, she moved her kisses down his neck, then back up to nibble his ear. "What's your plan, cutie?"

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Alison wiggled under him, whining softly in her throat. Every once in a while, Longshot amazed her with his capacity to tease. And by "amazed", she meant "frustrated to near insanity".

Want. Husband. Now.

"Longshot," she growled. "Get to the baby making."

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Instead of something intelligible, Longshot growled back. Then his hips started to move like pistons. One of his hands groped for hers to twine their fingers together. Once that was done, he was going to pin her hand to the bed.

Because. He. Wanted. Her. That. Much.

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However he wanted to hold her or hold her down was just fine with her as long as he kept moving like that. Hard and fast and desperate. It reminded her that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Felt good.

The growl did, too. It traveled up and down her spine long after the sound had ended.

"Oh, god..."

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"Louder, darlin'," he rasped in her ear. "Can't hear you."

Then all words stopped. It was all he could do to breathe. He closed his eyes and pushed as hard and fast as he dared. Like he would if she really wanted to be pregnant tomorrow. Every plunge was a delicious feeling he chased after.

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Alison's eyes rolled back in her head and she clutched at him. Every muscles in her body struggled to hold him. Hold tighter, closer. She moaned between panting breaths and each moan sounded like it had been dredged up from the bottom of her chest. Loud, ragged sounds that probably sounded nothing like his name. But, they were heart-felt.

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However close she wanted, Alison got. Longshot was working close and hard. Every sound she made pushed him to hold on. She felt so good he was having a hard time not releasing. But he was getting great sounds.

He was not going to stop until he got the doors to the balcony to rattle from her voice alone.

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