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OOC: Silliness.

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1) What would you do if [ profile] the_new_shaman died? Have a kegger. It would make him proud
2) If [ profile] the_new_shaman and [ profile] shield_topdog were siamese twins where would they be joined? The middle fingers.
3) Do [ profile] clericpreston and [ profile] shield_topdog go to the same school? Not even remotely.
4) Would you set up [ profile] shield_topdog and [ profile] the_new_shaman? Only if they never knew it was me.
5) What is [ profile] spiral2darkness allergic to? Humanity.
6) Does [ profile] lights_midnight do drugs? I heard a rumor...
7) Is [ profile] bcrusher_md in a relationship? I should ask!
8) What do you disagree with [ profile] lights_midnight about? Romance.
9) When did you last call [ profile] redheadspy? On Easter.
10) Is [ profile] laertes your best friend? One of them.
11) Are [ profile] lights_midnight and [ profile] ororo_munroe married? *helpless laughter*
12) If [ profile] ororo_munroe and [ profile] clericpreston were spliced together, what would it be like? I'm sorry... I can't even picture it.
13) Would [ profile] the_new_shaman and [ profile] shield_topdog make a good couple? No. Nyet. Nein.
14) What is [ profile] songofwind's biggest flaw? Overconfidence.
15) What would [ profile] spiral2darkness give [ profile] laertes for his/her birthday? Cancer.
16) [ profile] ororo_munroe's hair color? Silvery white.
17) Is [ profile] redheadspy related to [ profile] bcrusher_md? No...
18) Where was [ profile] spiral2darkness born? Dante called it the Seventh Circle, I believe.
19) If [ profile] sonofarize had a superpower, what would it be? Sexiness! What? He's gorgeous.
20) What is [ profile] laertes's shoe size? Inches or nautical miles?
21) Is [ profile] sonofarize dead sexy? Drop dead sexy. So hot he makes my pants melt.
22) If [ profile] bcrusher_md and [ profile] redheadspy were spliced together, what would be its name? Trogdor the Burninator
23) Where was [ profile] songofwind born? Mojoworld
24) What exotic animal would [ profile] pastthegumbo like as a pet? ... a clydesdale.
25) Are [ profile] songofwind and [ profile] shield_topdog going out? Val will kill them if they try anything.
26) If [ profile] songofwind commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Probably my whole family.
27) Has [ profile] songofwind dyed their hair? Not that I'm aware of.
28) Could you see [ profile] gav_7 and [ profile] laertes together? No. Nyet. Nein.
29) What would [ profile] pastthegumbo do differently in your shoes? Blister.
30) What flavor of jello would [ profile] clericpreston be? ... something with fruit. I'M SORRY, JOHN!