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Tis the season!

The only thing better than Christmas at home with her husband and family was Christmas at home with her husband, family, and friends. Alison had been eagerly awaiting the return of Rogue and Dakota's bunch to the castle for the holidays. She had already picked out a Christmas tree, which Longshot and John hauled home for her. It had lights on -- mostly Miyuki and Lisa's doing with Alison's supervision -- but, no ornaments yet. She figured that Gloria Jean and the boys could help with that when they arrived.

And they were coming early! That made it even better.

Despite her decreased mobility, Alison had been up early on the day they were scheduled to arrive. The castle was generally kept pretty clean, but she straightened anyway. And then... the baking! She hadn't felt such a strong urge to bake since the early months of her pregnancy. But, now, it was back in full force. By the time she finally tired of it, she had sugar cookies, gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, snowball cupcakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels.

She sat down in the kitchen to rest her feet and nibble on some gingerbread. Her little tea pot sat on the stove, happily brewing some peppermint tea. It might not be Christmas yet, but it sure smelled like Christmas.

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The way his daughter packed, Dakota had the feeling she was trying to get another three month stay. He had managed to get her not to pack every one of her belongings. Especially since she would be bringing presents home. Now, he had a headache despite his normal resistance to such mundane aches. Though he couldn't totally blame the girl bouncing on the balls of her feet next to him.

Dakota knocked on the door before opening it. It seemed polite. Before he could say anything, Gloria Jean jumped in and announced "We're here!"

He chuckled to himself as he followed. The twins were trudging their way up the steps.

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"Yaaaaaay!" The sound got progressively louder as Lisa bolted down the last flight of stairs and crashed into her friend. It was a huggy kind of crash, though.

"You're here just in time 'cuz Alison baked all kinds of stuff and it all looks tasty and we can eat it and yay it's Christmas almost, kinda!" Lisa bounced energetically as she talked at a rapid-fire pace. She might have been into the baked goods already. Just a bit.

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Longshot watched Dakota scramble out of the way of the little girl missile that came down the stairs. The Mojoworlder got up from the couch and tossed the book he had been reading onto a side table. He had enough of schematics and pictures of how to fight for the day.

He retreated into the kitchen to see where his wife disappeared to. It had gotten too quiet in there.

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Rogue brings up the rear behind the boys. She has a headache for much the same reason as her husband. She hopes it goes away soon. But first, some relaxing with some friends is in order.

"Merry Christmas, y'all," she calls out once she's inside. She sets down Gloria Jean's large bag of essentials and starts taking off her boots and coat. She does blink at the bearded Longshot shape that disappears into the kitchen.

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Alison smiled at Longshot when he walked into the kitchen. She waved him over to the table to sit beside her. Now, she could foist some baked good off onto him! Muhahaha!

"Did I hear girly squeals of glee out there?" She smiled and handed him a gingerbread man.

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One good thing about teenage boys is that you could foist off things like putting luggage into rooms. Though the price was death looks. Dakota did not mind. He did come back from the dead rather well. He headed toward the kitchen. Wherever Longshot went, it was a good bet Alison was nearby.

"Hello?" Dakota poked his head inside.

Will and Rodney grumbled to each other as they picked up bags and started up the stairs. Dire plans were being put into motion once they were out of earshot.

Gloria Jean hugged Lisa hard. She had missed her friend so much! The weekends to get back to see Lisa and Livia were few, but it didn't matter. More than two weeks of fun! With occasional horrible homework in there, but more fun than one could shake a stick at.

"It smells good! Are there any cookies?" She sort of bounced along with Lisa. Non-sugar high, but she could get there soon.

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"Yeah! There's lots of sugar cookies... 'cept the ones I ate... an' there's frosting an' sprinkles an' we can decorate them an' eat them!" She grinned and bounced a minute more.

"Want me to help you carry your stuff up to your room so we can go decorate cookies?" Cookie, cookie, cookie! Lisa did not need any more sugar, but that wasn't about to stop her.

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"I think we are happy. We laugh a lot. Mostly at my brothers." Like the time the two of them were hanging off the rain gutters by their underwear. Dakota banned them from the rooftop until they grew out of their be like their Dad stage. Also both looked chagrined by Storm using little tornadoes to get them down.

Once the pair of girls got into the kitchen, Gloria jean threw herself at Alison for a hug. It was always a good idea to hug the cookie-giver at first sight.

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"Sounds like fun. I laugh at my brother, too. 'Specially when he's making kissy faces at Miyuki." Although, she didn't do that as much anymore. She was, deep down... way, way, way down... maybe a little happy for her brother. Just a little.

Lisa grinned and latched herself on to Alison's other side. The girls knew who controlled the baked goods in the house.

If he knew he was being talked abut, Robbie didn't care. He kissed Miyuki very softly once more and then took a reluctant step back. "Good point. That's what barns and a castle full of empty rooms are for." He took her hand and smiled as he started for the stairs.

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Longshot walked back into the kitchen to see his wife hugged from two sides. Well, he wanted in on that action! So... he hugged all three females at once. It was a little stretch with his arms, but he managed. Even squeezed a little.

Miyuki smiled and walked beside Robbie. She gave his hand a small squeeze.

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Rogue chuckles at the mass of hugs with Alison in the middle. Sometimes, she gets a little jealous. She has Dakota who she can touch any time she wants, but sometimes being able to touch other people would be nice. Though she is working on it.

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"Yay! My favorite girls!" Alison grinned and squeezed each girl with one arm. Then she laughed when Longshot got in on the fun. Her favorite girls and her favorite guy. Life was good.

She kissed Lisa on top of the head and then Gloria Jean. "You two gonna help me decorate some cookies and build gingerbread houses?"

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Dakota smiled to himself and shook his head slightly. It was definitely good for his kids to be here for the holidays. Instead of being stuck with him. Though, that bathroom sounded like a good idea. He quietly got up from the table. Just so those industrious females weren't interrupted.

The boys ignored the hug-fest and went for more cookies. Though they did notice that their sister and her friend were without Silly String accouterments.

"Yes, ma'am," Gloria Jean answered happily. "Got enough gumdrops?"

Gumdrops were important parts of decorating. According to her.

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Ick. Alison wrinkled her nose and brushed the cookie crumbs off of her shirt and arm. Well, that was probably an indication of how much he liked the cookie. Or something.

"Glad you like it," she muttered wryly and shook her head.

Then she caught a glimpse of the teenage sweeties across the table and had to fight hard not to giggle. Awwww... young love was so cute.

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Gloria Jean looked over her shoulder in time to see Longshot spray Alison with cookie bits. She turned back to her cookies.

"Glad that wasn't me," she whispered out of the side of her mouth to Lisa. First Silly String and possibly cookie bits... her Dad would wonder if she ever bathed.

Dakota sighed. He didn't mean to, but this was getting increasingly more frustrating. He never really felt like he wanted to discuss his first wife with his current wife. But Rogue was not going to let go anytime soon. He was well and lovingly trapped.

"Sherlyn died around Christmas," was all he said.

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Lisa giggled softly and nodded. "Me too." She had already had her bath for the day. She did not want another one.

Her current project had probably started life as a Christmas wreath. It now more closely resembled a bug of some sort. Although, nothing in nature was really that color green.

Robbie noticed he was getting a few stares and blushed as he set the pretzel tray down. Then he took one of the chairs the twins had vacated. It just happened to be the one closer to Miyuki.

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Longshot giggled around a mouthful of cookie and gave Gloria Jean a small squeeze. He may have been giggling in relief from being noogie-less. Or he was amused about the teenagers. One or the other.

Miyuki just happened to lean in her chair ever so slightly towards Robbie. It looked so casual. It would change to absolutely ramrod straight in the middle of the chair when Asuka came in the back door.

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Well, that explains a lot. And she has no real response to it. Nothing she can do to change it.

She squeezes him a little tighter.

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Alison reached over and ruffled her giggling husband's hair. She'd get him back for those cookie crumbs. But, her revenge would probably be delivered in such a way that young eyes should not see.

Not that two pairs of the young eyes at the table were even paying attention to her. She chuckled softly to herself and shook her head. She hoped Asuka came in the front door when she got home.
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"I'm sure," Lisa muttered and pouted a little as she settled in Longshot's lap. She hiccuped from being tickled and laughing so much. One day, when she was bigger, she'd be able to tickle Longshot back. But, he almost always won their tickle fights now.

She wouldn't stop trying, though.

Robbie set Alison's orange juice down on the table in front of her. Then he debated what to do next. Ah ha!

"You can have your seat back, Rogue." He smiled at her and moved over to lean against the counter again. Ahhh. Safe distance.

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Aww. No pouting! Longshot didn't like it when Alison did it, and he sure didn't like it when his little sister did it. So, the Mojoworlder wrapped his arms around Lisa and snuggled her in. The hiccups did not bother him in the least.

"You did a good job," he assured. "I almost got paralyzed from giggles."

Miyuki raised an eyebrow at Robbie not rejoining her. Even if Asuka was right there. Just sitting was not a crime. And the teenage ninja did not have a thing for looking at Rogue.

Asuka looked over at Alison, ignoring teenage fear and drama. "So, is this what Christmas is going to be like? Tickle wars and sweets?"

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Rogue chuckles at Gloria Jean. "Ah'll keep that in mind, sweetpea."

Though she does have a very good idea of how good Dakota can be with his fingers. Mostly in ways that are mentionable in public.

"Why thank you kindly, Robbie," Rogue replies evenly. She gets from how cagey the boy appears that his budding relationship with Miyuki might not be approved of by Asuka. Well, if a Southern woman can help keep things going, she is going to try. She sets herself back down in her chair and looks totally at ease. Mostly because she is now.

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"Oh, this is just the beginning, I'm sure." Alison grinned at Asuka and reached over to ruffle Lisa's hair. She had no fears of losing her fingers. "There's still Christmas dinner to look forward to. And presents."

"Who besides me still needs to shop?" She asked as she looked around at everyone. Most of her shopping had been done, but there were a few little items left to get.

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"Not me," Dakota said as he swung his daughter down off his shoulder. Much to her surprised yelping. He set her down with her feet on the floor. "I think the boys are done, too."

He thought. He didn't know if Rodney was going to go through with his presents for Robbie and Miyuki yet or not. There would have to be some man-to-almost man talks in a bit.

"I still got some shopping to do," Gloria Jean answered softly as she scuffed her foot across the floor. It was so hard to choose! And she was trying to make every little bit spent count. She didn't want to give bad presents.

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"Yay! We can shop together." Lisa smiled at Gloria Jean as she snuggled up with Longshot. She was still hiccuping in between breaths and giggles, but the thought of shopping made it all better. "I still have'ta find something for my little sister and a couple other people."

Like her Dad. Because he was a bone head and hard to shop for. She also still needed to find something good for Gloria Jean. Maybe shopping with the other girl would give her some ideas.

Robbie noticed Miyuki's look and figured he was probably in trouble. But, it was too late to fix now. He smiled apologetically at her and then nodded to Alison. "I have a few more things, too."

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