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Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2007-12-07 02:54 am
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OOC: Meme list

Stolen from [ profile] clericpreston here:

My Alison Blaire:

... is not ashamed of her disco past.
... wouldn't want to repeat it, though.
... considers the first few decades of her life to be the 'failure years'.
... misses her father.
... is afraid her grandmother or mother will die before she reconnects with them.
... doesn't know how to start.
... doesn't care if she never sees her sister again.
... is madly, passionately, deeply, and ridiculously in love with [ profile] sonofarize.
... has a mile long list of mistakes that all have male names.
... is aware that [ profile] sonofarize's list is considerably shorter.
... feels really bad about that.
... loves her castle home, but still firmly believes it will be taken away one day.
... misses riding her motorcycle.
... is thinking she might want a horse, too.
... wants baby ducks.
... likes her husband's cowboy persona best.
... second to his actual self, of course.
... thinks about that threesome often.
... really, really wants Lucky and his Alison to be happy and together.
... wants to steal [ profile] laertes's daughter.
... knows better.
... is glad she and [ profile] pastthegumbo are friends.
... wishes she had more friends, sometimes.
... misses the X-Men and being on a team.
... does not miss the hero life.
... wishes she got flowers more often.
... and oral sex.
... is totally a prude.
... thinks pregnancy is a lot more work than she expected it to be.
... felt alone in it through a great deal of it.
... is still glad she did it.
... wants desperately to hold their babies.
... thinks of the twins as 'her babies', 'his babies', and 'their babies'.
... thinks of the son she lost as 'her baby'.
... is not at all jealous of her husband's first family and is curious about them.
... but, is painfully aware that if they had lived, she would not have him.
... feels like a ghoul because of it, sometimes.

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