shimmerandsing: (Baby Belly)
Alison Blaire ([personal profile] shimmerandsing) wrote2007-11-02 08:08 pm

Lazy day.

Alison decided to take advantage of the milder day and was out walking around the koi pond. She'd fed them up and leaned lightly on the bridge rail to watch them. It was chilly enough for a coat, but not so icy that she shivered. A good day, she decided.

Sadie lay at her feet and peered over the side of the bridge to watch the fish. Alison had the feeling that the dog would love to grab one of the shiny fish. But, then she probably wouldn't know what to do with it once she had it. It was a good thing Sadie wasn't a cat.

Plum blossoms fell from the trees and onto the water's surface. The fish would swim up to nibble and look sad when they discovered it was not food. Alison kind of felt bad for giggling.

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